Boooiil was an Administrator on the DimensionWars server.


Boo possesses the following nicknames: Boo, Aboose, and Racist (not true). Boo was a kind Admin who had a mischievous streak. While he did occasionally over step his powers, he always admitted to it and tried to make it right again.


Species: Human

Race: White

IRL Nation: United States of America

In-Game Nation: America

Desc: Rumoured to be human


  • Very few people on the server actually knows how tf to spell Boooiil's name.
  • Boo was shipped with the Champion TheOtakuBookWorm. Their ship name is Bootaku. This ended when Boooiil left the server.
  • On June 9th Boooiil proposed to TheOtakuBookWorm. On August 5th he broke up with her.
  • Boo is a rumored stoner.
  • While Boooiil and Otaku were fixing their waterfall, Otaku said if Boo could place water on top of a block he would get a prize. Boo was able to do it and in turn asked for her hand in marriage. (I get it, terrible way)

Quotes Edit

"You know thats offend me"

"Why would I do that? -while spawning free horses- That'd be aboose!"